Monday, November 23, 2009

Our New House

Garden spot with storage shed

back of the house
nice tree and lots of leaves to go with it

zinnias, some still standing, some limp

Micah's room

herb garden

front bathroom, and yes, that's Micah by the toilet...he's obsessed with flushing the toilet these days. I have to get in my basketball defensive mode and block him.

our room

Gabriel's room

front door

front of the house


living room

entry way and someone who wants to open the door

Well, the pictures aren't in quite the order I had intended and some of the captions are above the picture and some below, but I'm sure you can figure it out! Three years of blogging and it is still such a process sometimes for me! It should be simpler, maybe if I did it a little more often it would be!
Yes, for those of you who didn't know, we bought our first house and moved in on the 14th. I have been unpacking and cleaning the old place. It's amazing what a process moving out of one place and into another involves and oh, the dirt! I finally finished cleaning the old place yesterday. Wayne's parents were here the whole week before we moved and we cleaned the new place; it wasn't left in the greatest shape. We painted our bedroom and bathroom (didn't post a photo of that one), and Micah's room. Gabriel's room was already that pretty color. We love the red kitchen as well. We moved in on Sat. and Grandma and Grandpa took Gabriel home with them which was so helpful! I unpacked many boxes last week though there are still many to go (mostly books). Gabriel came back on Thursday and has had a blast exploring since.
Micah seems to be adjusting well. He had a hard week last week going to school every day. He would cry and cling to me every time I took him, but they would tell me he always cheered up after a little while. The teachers reminded me that change, whether good or bad is still change and that for many kids with special needs, it's hard. He also cried at night for the first few nights when it was bed time, but has done much better with that. We kept the arrangement of their rooms the same, meaning Gabriel's is the first on the right, followed by Micah's at the end of the hallway.
They absolutely love the backyard and Micah has found numerous flowers to pull out and carry around. I'm not sure they'll last or will come back if they last! As you can tell, it's a very big backyard. So, we'll need to buy a rake for starters, and a lawnmower, hedge trimmers, and...we have no lawn tools.
It's a big place compared to what we've lived in and we have lots of space, especially in the den. We only have a bookshelf in there for now! We have been welcomed into the world of home ownership, having had to make three repair calls last week, two for plumbing issues and the thermostat went out. It was all working fine when we moved in, just one of those things. However, we are thankful and are enjoying it so far.


on the eastern journey said...

What a BEAUTIFUL home! I am so happy for you guys! I LOVE your bright kitchen! Happy unpacking!

Kecia said...

Wow, I love it! :)