Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back from the blog break

Well, I guess I’ve taken a little vacation, or rather, long vacation from blogging. It wasn’t intentional, I suppose we had a lot going on. The last time I posted on the 14th we left that day for a visit to our families. We went to Arkansas to see my family for a week and then down to Mississippi for a Womack family reunion. It was good to see every one although a bit strange in Arkansas because two of my aunts whom I loved dearly had passed away in the two months before. They had always been a part of my visits to Arkansas and for them to not be there was so strange. We enjoyed seeing Mom and Dad and my brother Gary and having some of Mom’s great cooking as always.

The weekend in MS was fun. We were glad that Wayne's Mom and Dad and sister Janel were there. We stayed with Aunt Nora and Uncle Taylor and had lots of good ol’ southern cooking and plenty of vegetables from Aunt Nora’s garden. I had only met a few of Wayne’s aunts and uncles at our wedding 6 years ago, and you can’t get to know people at a wedding. So, it was good to get acquainted with some of the Womack family. I absolutely love Aunt Nora! She has a similar personality of my Mom Johnson (my grandmother who passed away 17 years ago); so funny, says whatever is on her mind, and loves people. I felt so welcomed by the Womack side of the family. Many of them I had never met and some of them acted as if they had known me all my life! I think it was especially good for many of those folks to meet Micah since they have been praying for him for so long and had only seen pictures. Of course, he was still fairly new at walking, but he had a great time walking around outside in the grass. We were in TX for a very short few days. I had the shortest visit ever with my sister, later in the week spent the night at Janel’s house and surprised Paula (she didn’t know Micah and I would be there), and lastly, I spent one day with my dear friend Betty.

Changing the subject, but to keep folks updated on our quest to move to TX, OK, AR or somewhere closer to family and those of y’all who are like family…we’re still no closer! We found out that UT Tyler hired someone else. So, we continue searching.

Micah is doing well; still no seizures as far as we can tell. He has started a new seizure med and we’ll be slowly weaning him off of Vigabatrin in about a month. He’s walking really well and even trying to jog/run with a few quick steps here and there. He’s mastered climbing on the couch and is especially good at this whenever Wayne or I have some food. He used to stand in front of us and lean in. Now he’s usually sitting next to us on the couch with his face about half an inch away from our plate, as if we don’t know he wants whatever it is that we have!

I took the last picture of Micah because he just decided to crawl in the laundry basket one day!
For some reason, I guess he thinks it's fun to hang out in there! He also enjoys taking things out and throwing them on the floor one by one, dirty or clean!

I’ll write again soon…gotta tell you about his new therapy on Wednesdays, but I need a good picture first!


Anonymous said...

Great photos of your Mom, Dad, and the kids. Enjoyed the account of your family visit trip. Karen

Paula Womack said...

Kelly...thanks for the post. Micah is such a little boy now. he is so cute and beautiful. As are you! It was fun to see you all for the surprise visit in Texas. Take care and give each other a kiss and a hug for me.

Rona said...

Awwww! He's so cute in the basket!! Ask him if he wants to come sort my laundry. It sounds like we use a similar method.